The pay-as-you-go record label

Wrapped Up Music is a hire-able music consultancy that effectively acts a pay-as-you-go record label. Working in close partnership with the artist and their management, the model allows the artist to retain the ownership of their work, whilst plugging into two decades of recording industry expertise. A true 21st century record company.

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pay-as-you-go record label

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A new series of blog posts to mark the release of the new AIM ‘Music Industry Survival Guide’

What we do


The traditional record industry model went something like this;

1.  Artist wants the world to hear their music.

2.  Artist signs to record company to help enable world to hear their music.

3.  Record company owns recordings forever, and takes control of much of the release process.

This was a model conceived in the first quarter of the 20th century. Whilst there were lots of reasons for that model at the time, most of them simply don’t apply any more. Nearly two decades into the 21st century, its time to move on, and Wrapped Up Music was conceived to do exactly that.

At a fundamental level, the artist should be free to focus on what they do brilliantly; write songs, record and perform. Taking those recordings out into the wider world shouldn’t necessitate having to hand over their ownership, or the control of the process around doing so.

Wrapped Up Music provides a partnership based model, whereby the artist, manager or label plugs into as much or as little infrastructure as they require, in order to provide all of the experience, network and expertise provided by the traditional record company model, but with one crucial difference; Wrapped Up Music does not acquire any copyrights, but is hired on a pay-as-you-go basis for only as long as it is needed.

If you’re interested in record company expertise without having to hand over your recording rights, then just reach out via the contact section below…

About Wrapped Up Music


Wrapped Up Music was founded by Tim Ferrone in order to provide a contemporary ‘pay as you go’ record label model for the independent music sector. A London-based campaign management service available to domestic and overseas artists, managers and labels, Wrapped Up Music is the culmination of Tim’s nineteen years in the recorded music business, having worked for various major and independent labels, and in artist management.

For those who like lists, Tim’s career has seen him work campaigns with artists as diverse as Guns N Roses, London Grammar, Above & Beyond, Jamie Hartman, Stevie Wonder and Tom Williams. 

He is proud to have written AIM’s brand new ‘Start-Up Guide to Music Business’ for the Association of Independent Music (the principle UK body for the indie music sector), in an effort to relay a contemporary approach to tackling the 21st century music business. The Guide can be downloaded here; 



Tim Ferrone has not only proven to be a great strategic partner in the setting up of our international releases and getting the most out of our marketing campaigns… but being such a great and loveable personality.” 

Fredrik Ekander, CEO, Cosmos Music

“In a world where artists are increasingly choosing to run their own businesses, finding the right partners is incredibly important; Tim has been invaluable for us. He’s a fount of knowledge, has a massive network of contacts, a sharp ‘thinking outside the box’ mentality and is totally ‘on it’ at all times.”

Diane Wagg, Deluxxe Management, co-chair Music Manager's Forum (MMF)

“Tim consulted for Caroline on a substantial global marketing project, and I found him to be invaluable – completely organised, diligent, creative and an all round top bloke.”

Michael Roe, Managing Director, Caroline International (Universal)

Tim has consistently provided invaluable support in organising major and international promotional campaigns, as well as creating and organising high quality content. His knowledge of the music industry is vast, and he is hands-down one of the most beneficial business relationships we as a business have ever had” 

Ethan Baer, Co-founder, The EDM Network

“Tim is the best! Creative, knowledgable and diligent. His ability to put together customised campaigns for each artist is truly impressive. No cookie cutter initiatives going on here!”

Sheri Jones, MD, Jones & Co

“Tim manages the team to ensure that not only is everyone pulling in the same direction, but that they actually understand that direction. Critically, he adds value himself, not least as a result of his shrewd strategic thinking, and importantly, his loaded address book. Every self-respecting artist with international aspirations (or indeed any real ambitions of any kind) should have a Tim..”

Mark Ede, Owner, BiGiAM

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